Week Four – Learning Log

Week Four – Learning Log


What we did?

We spoke about self-efficacy and about a theorist called Albert Bandura. We then watched a short documentary about the “Invisible Town”. After this we got into our groups of five from the previous week and began our collage from our text mapping activity. We were provided with a range of materials, glue, magazines, newspapers and scissors and used them to our advantage. The aim was to make a collage that represents our article. Our article was by a gentleman named Paulo Freire and was on “Education and the Mega Rich”. Our group decided to take a page each and highlight what we though was relevant to us. With these points we would find images in the newspapers and magazines or words that corresponded with the feel of the article and cut them up and use them on our collage.


Childrens art work

Art and Literacy are a great way to promote literacy and language development, According to Deasy and Stevenson 2002, Children who draw pictures of stories that have read tends to improve their reading comprehension as well as developing expressive and reflective skills, which is what I feel we did.  We had a real sense of engagement with this project as we had to find a way to reflect it in our collage.

What I learned?


I feel I had a better understanding of the article through having to create a collage to reflect it. (I created my own collage as well as a group one – this is in reference to the collage I made on my own) the article was reflected through the colors I chose, the layout of my collage, how i chose to present it, the words I used.

How I will remember?


This was my kind of task as I love creativity. I loved the idea of this lesson and the challenge of trying to create something to reflect the article we were reading about.

What now?


To continue the collage i made with my group and to think of a creative way to present our poster collage and to make sure that we get across its true meaning.

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