Learning Log – Week 18

So this weeks lesson wasn’t an actual lesson nor was it a workshop, nor did it bare a slight resemblance to a workshop!! (Well not one that I have ever been too) So I was a tad disappointed when I turned up today to say the least. Tom explained how today was going to work, anyone who wanted to have a one to one with him In regards to the research proposal would have to book a slot and wait around and we had three hours to use wisely!!

Giulia and I didn’t stick around, we headed to the library to get some work done. I am glad that we went because I had now got even further than where I had left off (which wasn’t far!!). I found it really helpful as Giulia was kind enough to have a read through my work and give me constructive criticism which has made a difference and I now feel more confident about my work and like I am on the right track.

I wasn’t insecure about my work however I’ve never written a proposal / report before so the structure and how it’s supposed to sound was alien to me. I had doubts because I felt my piece of writing was too informal and too personal but now after having someone else go through my work, I feel more confident. . . now I just need to finish it!!

I have easily gone over the word count which is frustrating!! I’ve deleted words that I didn’t need, chopped parts down that would be considered as waffle, however I am still over my word count so I will need to continue to chop!!
Admittedly I still have not finished my proposal, I don’t think I’m the only one!! I don’t think I am the only person struggling or still at this stage. This task was not easy however I thought my learning log for this week could not be about what I have learnt but about what I can share with others who are in the same position as me at the moment. For anyone who has gone over their word count like I have and are stuck on what you should eliminate. Here are three helpful tips that I learnt.

– Waffle, you know what I mean!! Anything that doesn’t specifically relate to the question or topic you are exploring shouldn’t be included especially if you’re on a limited word count. You should keep the question in front of you to remind yourself what you are trying to answer so as though you don’t go off track, as that is quite easy to do!!

– Use contractions, they’ll help cut down your word count! That lengthy paragraph with all the fancy mojo you’ve included, cut it down. We know what you’re trying to say, the hard part is saying it in fewer words.

– Words you don’t really need!! Like “and” how many times have you used that word?? Probably more than you needed, cut it out!!

I hope you found that useful!! Now, moving on from the research proposal, I have recently changed my note taking style to Visual as I wanted to challenge myself. Visual note taking is similar to narrated art and it allows people to express their feelings and thoughts in detail. Each lesson I have been making visual notes which I decided to share with you all in this post.












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