Learning Log – Week 22

When we arrived this morning we were met by Sandra who instead of preparing for our lecture, had asked us to go along to the conference room and help prepare for the Get Ahead workshop that was running today.  The whole of our class got involved in helping the second years to set up, we were tasked with helping to set up stalls and decorate and blow up balloons and by the end of it, we had balloons and decorations everywhere, everyone got hands on and although we tragically lost a lot of balloons in the decorating, we made up for them in the end!!

Once we had finished helping out we were ushered into the conference room where Obie, the president of the Students Union gave us a welcoming speech and touched on his own experiences when starting university and the troubles he faced, although the speech didn’t last very long, the sentiment was there and the second years and student union worked very hard to put this day and workshop together from flyers to posters, to balloons and different forms of advertisement all with the help of Tom and Sandra and the promise of free food. The ambassadors handed us an itinerary which had a list of what was going to take place and we were able to go along to each one and they even offered to escort us to the rooms listed and some of them we had never heard of! I chose to go along to Doms workshop and show my support. His workshop was called the digital student and he was educating students on how to use Zeega. The turn out was really good, the majority of our class turned up to show him support, the workshop lasted an hour and I found I benefited from this as although we were introduced to Zeega in our digital me projects, I never used it nor had a chance to use it. So today I was taught how to use it and I made my very own Zeega.


 I decided to base my Zeega around an article I had read in the daily mail which had initially upset me. A man who was caught dancing in a pub was ridiculed and these extremely sad low lives took before and after  pictures of the gentleman and when uploading the pictures to the Internet for everyone else to ridicule, they wrote “caught this specimen trying to dance, he stopped when he realised we were laughing at him”. Now my question is why would you do that? What makes you think you have any right to do that and more importantly who do you think you are? Although the story was sad it does have a happy ending, although this man was cruelly ridiculed and his pictures sprawled on the Internet for people’s amusement, a group of ladies from US saw the pictures and the comments and decided to hunt him down so that they could invite him to a party which they have organised especially for him where he can dance and not be ashamed of dancing! On top of this, they have also organised an anti-bullying campaign and got celebrities on board such as Pharelle Williams  and Moby who have offered to DJ at the party. Now, how cool is that? This just goes to show there are some genuinely decent people in the world (those low lives excluded)…
I was so touched by this story, I based my Zeega on it, as I’ve witnessed and experienced my fair share or bullying and now I want to take a stand! I feel our differences should be embrace, we shouldn’t have to be ridiculed and ostracised for being different.  I feel so strongly about this I want to make my own anti-bullying campaign or a buddy system where people who are struggling or are being bullied can speak up.

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