Learning Log – Week 13

So it was the first day back and really nice to see lots of fresh faces!! I was not feeling on top form as I was poorly over the Christmas period however I dragged myself to Uni (although I would have preferred to be in bed – raking in all the sympathy I could get!!) I can honestly say I’m happy to be back, I have missed it, not particularly the work load but I missed my friends so it was nice to see them. I was also pretty excited as I was given new stationary as a present over the Christmas period and now I have an excuse to use them!!

(There so pretty! – Pictured below)


Starting off our lesson, Giulia gave her presentation to the rest of the class on her digital me project and… IT WAS AMAZING. I loved it, she introduced her project which was looking at space and time. She looked at how children learn the different days of the week and she also created her very own game which is called “The Pinocchio Game” – (Which I’ll have you all know, I beat Dan at). What first attracted me to the game was that it is very colourful, it had caught my attention however when I got closer to the game I noticed little drawings which I loved, I’m sure you will too, have a look!!!









/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/46d/76981190/files/2015/01/img_6403.jpgSo not only were the colours attractive but the drawings too. As this was a game involving dice the coloured boxes were numbered so not only did this game take into consideration the language which if you haven’t noticed is translated in both Italian and English (so here I learnt new words too!) but it took into consideration the mathematical development and the ability to recognise and organise numbers and furthermore count. The game was really easy to play and even came with its own set of instructions which Giulia took me and Dan through. Giluia also commented that it could be turned into a massive hopscotch where the kids would act as their own counter piece and there would be a massive dice that they would throw and they would jump, hop or skip (whatever they fancied) to where ever they landed. (Which sounded awesome)

Giulia worked extremely hard on this project over the Christmas period, she worked alongside her mum who is a teacher and conducted interviews with children (of course keeping their anonymity) and passed around copies of the transcript for everyone to read (they were REALLY sweet). She had also got the children to create pictures which to me looked like drawings of time and space and what they meant to them. All the pictures were lovely however I didn’t capture them all but here are a few that I did!!









Overall I was really impressed with Giulia’s digital me project!! If you would like more detail on Giulias project please follow the link below to her blog 😊


After Giulia’s wonderful presentation, we began going over our research project again. I found this talk quite useful as I now have an idea of what I want to do for my research project and it was nice to see what other people where going to do for there’s. There was a lot of different ideas being thrown around which all sound really interesting. So for my research project (thanks to the help of Sandra) I decided that I would either look at

1) Blogging, here I would look at people’s views on academic writing and if blogging has made them more confident, has it developed their writing and have they found their academic voice?


2) The importance of drawing in learning and the use of visual note taking, after researching this further. I’ve decided to set my self the challenge of attempting visual note taking and see how I prefer it compared to my normal style of note-taking. (I normally use the Cornell method) and then to proceed from there.


3) Classroom geography, now this was a random conversation that I had with Giulia one day. We were discussing (in a generalisation) why people always tend to sit at the back of the classroom. Now my question is does where you sit in the classroom determine how well you do? There have been studies done on this already which I have been looking at. I found them really interesting!! I know for this I would have to conduct my own experiment and I have some ideas of how I would do this.


I  liked all three ideas and haven’t decided which one I want to do yet. This about sums up this weeks learning log, I hope you liked it!! Thank you for reading!!

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