Learning Log – Week 14

So this week we were looking a little more in-depth into our research project. The lesson started off with Tom and Sandra giving us each a piece of paper to read, It was a previous students work and it was about their research method. They had written about what they had chosen, which was a writing method known as Zig Zag and explained why they had chosen it, a little background knowledge into it and why they liked it.

After reading about this method we decided to put it into practice, so beginning with one of the students we would go around the entire room, randomly pointing at people to speak next until everyone in the room had spoken. Once everyone in the room had a turn speaking, each person writes a response to what was said to them. There is no right or wrong answer, they can write any response as long as it is their own.

To start off our Zig Zag process, the question we were answering was “I think that the qualities of a successful educationalist are…?” And that’s where we would fill in the gaps. There were many ideas and opinions of what makes a successful educationalist and they were all wonderfully different. Some of the them were,

– Organised
– Enthusiastic
– Being confident
– Being creative
– Passionate about your job and about the subject
– Devoted
– Being able to express your thoughts and opinions freely.
– Approachable
– Courage
– Open minded
– Trying new methods
– It’s not only about what you can teach them but what they can teach you.
– Encouraging
– Being able to communicate effectively, not only with your students but with their parents, colleagues etc

I enjoyed this task however I found it to be quite time-consuming just as our class is massive and everybody took part in this activity. I liked the back and forth and people being chosen randomly, it was quite spontaneous and put people on the spot. It was interesting to watch how people reacted and the answers that they would give. I feel this activity would be best in smaller groups of people as it would be easy to keep track of who has said what and who you’re supposed to respond to. As the group was so large it was easy to lose track of who has said what. Even though the method was interesting, it’s not something that I would choose to do my research project on just because the subject didn’t particularly interest me. I’ve now decided what I want to do my own research project on so at the moment I’m in the process of researching into it further, and starting to plan it out. I’m not going to tell you what one I’ve chosen!! You will have to wait and see. I hope you like it and thanks for reading!! 😄

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