Never throw your notes away!!

I’m aware that sometimes I speak very fast, so I’ve written out below what I’ve spoken about in the video. The written version is  better but I pull funny faces in the video, so feel free to look at either . . 🙂

Hello! and welcome to another attempt at a video. For anyone who just clicked on this out of curiosity. . . poor you. I’m only joking but in case you are confused to what it is I’m supposed to be doing, ill give you a quick recap. So these videos are for a Uni project called “Digital Me” where we were asked to do digital based story telling. I decided for my project that I would use videos in order to do so.

The aim of my videos are to give advice to my future self. I was going to try doing this the other way around, so advice from my future self. I’m still in the process of figuring it out as I’m not sure how it would work however I haven’t given up on this idea as this was my original plan!! Once I have figured it out, you lucky lot will be the first to see it.

My advice today, for my future self is to not leave your stuff lying around. Sounds like a pretty obvious one and now I’m making my self sound really messy!! I promise you I’m not however, when your mum is on the verge of chucking everything away that she believes is clutter, THANKS to an article that she read on the daily mail!! Thanks daily mail, you cost me my Uni notes.

I chose to give myself this advice because I think your notes are important and however random they may be you should keep them, even if there messy. You will never know when you will need them and you may have written something down that you never thought you might have needed.

So the moral of the story is, don’t leave your notes lying around and keep them away from your mum especially when she’s cleaning as she may put them through the shredder. When I eventually become a teacher, I will explain to students the importance of your notes and note taking and the different methods of note taking as this is recently interested me.



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