Pinocchio is nothing like the character we all grew to know and love in Disney’s version in 1940, instead he is described as disobedient, rude, violent and a bit of a know it all. Pinocchio, originally titled “The Adventures of Pinocchio” was written in 1881 by Carlo Collodi. The Italian novel was originally intended to be a tragedy due to the sheer goriness of the book and actually inspired fear amongst his young readers (which is why it was changed!!). It’s suggested that Collodi did not like children hence having none of his own and writing such a cruel book about them! The purpose of his book was to serve as a warning to disobedient children and instead of the usual methods of disciplining, such as a time out or being grounded; they were reduced to violence, emotional abuse, torture and starvation.

According to Collodi’s book, when Pinocchio gets re-animated the very first thing he does is steal Geppetto’s wig and laughs in his face – that’s kinda mean but sadly doesn’t stop there. Pinocchio goes around claiming that he has been abused by Geppetto and has Geppetto imprisoned, on top of this Pinocchio murders Jiminy Cricket by killing him with a hammer and smashing his brains out… definitely NOT the Pinocchio that I grew up with! Pinocchio ultimately pays the price by being tortured, starved, emotionally and physically abused and humiliated.

“Boys who minister tenderly to their parents and assist them in their misery and infirmities, are deserving of great praise and affection, even if they cannot be cited as examples of obedience and good behaviour. Try and do better in the future and you will be happy”

Or if you belong in Collodi’s book, you will find yourself beaten and tortured and only reanimated because Disney said so!

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