Blog Project

For my blog I decided that I wanted to start creating my very own images this spun from a project that I am in the middle of completing so I decided to share it with you guys. At the moment you’ll see my blog looks half finished. This is due to trying to illustrate the pages online and as I’m very new to the software I’m using to create my images, its time consuming so bare with me!! At the moment I am jut having a fiddle around with the layout and a test run on images that I have drawn but as I continue I will post them on here for you guy to see. I hope you like my creations, let me know what you think.

So below is a picture of how it all started, the image is just of doodles I have been making that I would eventually like to illustrate online and upload


Here is what I turned it into


Again, below are some more illustrations that I have drawn myself, just doodles at the moment and here is how they have turned out using an online illustrator. Im still very new and learning how to use the software and what I can do with it so in time I should get better.


I made some doodles of circles (not as neat as above) but with the software im able to create sharper and neater images.


Here I made some doodles of sushi (hoping it was recognisable). The pink blob is supposed to be a heart but im still trying to figure out the curvature on the pen tool!! I happen to like how it came out anyway so decided to post it so in a couple of months time you will be able to see my progression.










These images I haven’t yet  illustrated but I plan to in the next couple of weeks and will post them into this blog post so stay tuned.


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