Learning Log – Week 27

Today was the last group performance from our end of year performances and it was  lovely way to finish off as it being one of our last lessons on this module. The performance was wonderfully and creatively put together and asides from the food table, I remember noticing hung up T-shirts around the room with feelings painted across them in bright colours. The group had hung photographs up around the room of themselves wearing the tops that they had created, alongside the tops and photographs were two long sheets of paper waiting to be filled. I really enjoyed this performance as i thought their efforts of team building and the tasks they had set the group in order to bring other groups together were courageous and brave. They were extremely beneficial for the group as I realized that there are still so many faces that I do not know. The games they introduced were great ice breakers and got people talking who normally might not have contributed to much to class discussions or debates etc. These games I would definitely recommend regardless of age as I felt it helped to break down barriers and build better rapport between students and even teachers and students.

For our first game we were asked to form a circle and we had the option to either

– Say something about ourselves

– Ask someone else a question

– Tell an embarrassing or funny story about ourselves

A ball would be thrown to someone and they could choose to answer either of the following above and this process would continue until eventually we have gone around the whole circle and everybody has spoken. The next activity was called people bingo, the girls had created their very own bingo sheets and the class would have to go around the room to find people who matched a box on their bingo sheet. Once they had found someone who matched a box on their bingo sheet they would then fill in that box with that students name, the student with the most names or who has managed to  completed their bingo sheet wins.  The girls provided a small prize for the winner of the task, sadly that winner was not me as I wasn’t able to get my sheet filled!! Nonetheless the activity was very fun and a bit of an eye opener as I learnt new things and interesting things about others. Whilst the girls were scoring the classes bingo sheets we moved onto our next activity. We were all given a small sheet of paper and 10 minutes in order to create our own flag for a class collage. Our flags were supposed to be a small representation about ourselves which we could fill with drawings and colour or writing. Once the 10 minutes were up a few people were brave enough to get up and share their flags with the rest of the class, it was wonderful to see just how diverse our classroom is let alone our university. Once some of the students had finished sharing we were instructed by the girls to grab a glue stick and glue our flags to one of the big sheets of paper for a giant class collage. To finish off the group had us paint on the other blank sheet of paper, we were asked to fill the blank sheet of paper with our hand prints and to leave a little message beside our hand prints. Although not all of the class were in, it was an excellent performance and the group did brilliantly.

I enjoyed this task as i found it a great way to get to know other students and a great excuse to work with different people. In reflection, I found this task promote students to build a better rapport and gain a better understanding of one another by bouncing ideas of off each other, spending time together working on the performance and remaining open minded to new ideas and on top of that, commitment. As this was a group exercise, students had to organize and prioritize their time which required tons of communication and commitment as asides from University, all of us have other obligations so this required sacrifice, staying a little longer after lessons than usual or long and tedious texts, emails or even a google document back and forth. I felt this task promoted certain qualities such as patience, compromise and willingness. Patience because the performances took time to come together and everybody worked extremely hard. Compromise as not everyone in the group shared the same ideas for the performance however they were able to compromise and work together, even merge their ideas together to make a better one. Willingness as all members of the group needed to be willing and ready to contribute, every member of the group had a part to play and contributed to the performance. With this being said I felt this provided balance within the class as in every class you’ll have the more dominant speakers, the ones who will join in more in debates and challenge lecturers and ask questions and then you have the quieter students who although haven’t spoken up, are thinking the same thing or planning an entirely different argument in their heads or on paper. The dynamics of the classroom had changed and I these students contributed more in this activity than they would do normally within a lecture setting. This task encouraged students to use the new vocabulary that they have learnt over the months of being within this course and put them to use, get used to using them within sentences and confidently for that matter but also understand them. This activity was brilliant, I personally wish it had been done earlier on within the year just because of upcoming deadlines and the class being so scarce for this groups performance (which was your loss by the way – they were awesome) but I felt that it could of helped to break down barriers sooner instead of clinging to the first person you happen to find on the first day and never letting go, there would have been more involvement with other groups and people, more interaction however with this being said I personally think our class is amazing and I love all the people I’ve met and befriended.

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