Video Blog’s

For a project called digital me I decided to begin video blogging and because I enjoyed this project I decided to continue. I try to make a videos every month and after editing I then upload them to my blog on grumpysimonsays however I have decided to begin posting them on here to. The videos are intended for my future self and at the moment they are just advice to myself and others however I have a few ideas for some new videos so stay tuned!!

Take 47. . . . and ACTION!!!

Here are all the videos that started off good but ended badly!! I hope you like them, I’ve decided to merge them into one so enjoy!!

Never throw your notes away!!

I’m aware that sometimes I speak very fast, so I’ve written out below what I’ve spoken about in the video. The written version is  better but I pull funny faces in the video, so feel free to look at either . . 🙂 Hello! and welcome to another attempt at a video. For anyone who just clicked on … Continue reading Never throw your notes away!!

Student Interviews – Dom Barrett

Hey guys! So I decided that I didn’t want my Vlog to just be videos to my future self, so I have set myself some other projects too, this being one of them. I decided to interview some of my fellow students. So here you go, I hope you like it.

Student Interviews – Daniel Watkinson

Hello again!! So continuing with my student interviews, here is another interview from a fellow student. There will be more to come. I hope you like it!! Thank you for watching!!