Learning Log – Week 2



What we did?

We received a two page visual summary of the module handbook which incorporated all of the essential things we needed to know about the course. We then went through the two page visual summary as a group and discussed it, asked questions about the modules and anything that we did not understand on the sheet.


The handbook on web learn was old and this was our first introductory lesson to the course. This two page visual summary made it a lot easier to digest rather than having to read through pages and pages of writing. It was fun and interesting, clearly a lot of thought and effort had gone into it and the pictures were funny and very memorable.

What I learned?

The essential information that I am required to know about becoming an educationist, about my module, what is expected of me and essential advice to help me.

How I will remember?

I decided to colour and highlight my sheet as it makes it easier for me to remember it.

What now?

To read through the notes I made during the lesson and research, research, RESEARCH!!!

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