Learning Log – Week 11

What we did?

So today we began the lesson discussing our research project which altogether is worth a big chunk of our grade, we only touched on the subject briefly and will most likely cover it again but for anyone that missed the lesson or didn’t take notes, here is what you’ve missed.

The proposal (due week 19) has to be 1000 words and is worth 10%

The report (due week 29) 1000 words also and is worth 20%

The project has to be qualitative and when conducting your research, if you are using participants to conduct experiments and gather information you will need to make your own consent forms. These consent forms will need to include that the participants are over the age of eighteen, consent to whatever work they contribute being used as part of your project. The participants should be aware that they are able to withdraw their application at any point and that they will remain anonymous.

1) Introduction

– Investigate

– Why would that be important for the module?

2) Background / context

– Why am I interested in the topic

– How it will benefit other academics

3) Literature review

– What other academies found?

– Use journal of learning

4) Method

– How will you carry our your research?

– Why have you chosen to carry out research?

– Ethics (18 or over) informed consent forms

5) Findings

– What happened when you conducted research?

6) Discussion

– What does your findings mean?

7) Conclusion

– Overall conclusion?

8) Recommendations

– What would you change?

Now that was just the first hour of the lesson. As I said, we will most likely touch upon this subject again, so never fear. The second hour of this lesson was spent looking at another pupils research project. The pupil made a maze which was modelled around the question of her experience at university.

Tom and Sandra then asked us to make a deduction or induction of the pupils maze, so in groups we all went down and had a good look at it. Some students took pictures of the project so they could return to their seats and refer back to it, it saved us running back and forth. With my power of deduction and our look, see and inspection of the maze, I made my own notes and talked over them with Giulia and a few other guys in class. It was  interesting to hear other peoples interpretations of the maze and what they though little things stood for, some people pointed out thing s that no one had even noticed which was really cool. A lot of thought went into it and everyone’s power of deduction and induction was impressive. At first glance you could notice what I thought was hay stuck around the outside of the maze, which I then learnt was initially grass.  Underneath the grass was green tissue paper (that’s what it looked liked) so for me green symbolises growth and could symbolise her development on the course. Footprints, I felt the footprint marked her place in the university but also the path and journey she was on. Maze, I felt the maze was a symbol of life and life’s challenges, especially at university as no ones journey is easy and no ones journey is the same. The writing, she had used her old essays to make the walls of the maze, I felt like this was her mind alive on paper and although she was not here physically (as she’s graduated) her words are still with us. It also shows her development through her university journey as if you zoom in on certain parts of the maze you could see the grades she was given on some of her essays and also the tutors marks and the feedback. Change of shoes, I felt the change of shoes could mark the change of circumstance as she’s now graduated so it could symbolize a completion in her goal plus her next step in life.  


To gain a better understanding of the project. We were able to ask questions and explore ideas. We had inspiration from another student’s piece of work, it gave me a sense of structure as to be honest, at first I didn’t get it and I was worried as the weeks have gone by so quickly, I know that soon enough we will be doing this project. So it was helpful to know but I do hope we will cover it in more detail.  

What I learned?

What to do and what not to do.

How I will remember?

As all the information that I gathered from this lecture will be helpful when it comes to actually starting my project so I can use this information to refer back to when I get stuck.

What now?

To have a think about what I want to do for my research project as I will need to think of a question and produce a research method that I will want to use.

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