Why I don’t like blogging

 Now I have never been confident at writing and I won’t claim after however many blog posts that I am a fully fledged blogger because I am not and to be honest I don’t feel like one. It may sound strange but I cringe at having to send emails to colleagues at work or make posters or any type of informative document for others to read. I feel like my emails/posters are going to light up like a Christmas tree with all the spelling and grammar mistakes and even the thought of that now is making me cringe. I know that must sound silly but that is something I generally feel self-conscious over.

Now since beginning my course, I naturally assumed coursework would be handed in, I never anticipated having to blog or anything else along those lines. When they first suggested blogging my response was “is it compulsory?” and in my head I was hoping “please say no, please say no, please say no” however it was, now this by far was out of my comfort zone, purely because I had never done it before and I guess my default reaction was “I’m not going to be able to do this”, “it’s going to sounds so crap” however I just got on with it. See I was never the best at English or Science and extremely rubbish at maths but I was pretty decent at Art and I felt that made up for my inadequacies in the other subjects so you can kind of see why I would be hesitant?

My first blog wasn’t great but it was a step in the right direction and most of all I proved myself wrong!! I can do it (look I am doing it now) and I feel that blog after blog they have kind of got better and I am slowly building up my confidence. I now actually look forward to writing blog posts as I’ve realised that this can be just as creative!!

Thank you for reading!!

2 thoughts on “Why I don’t like blogging

  1. sandthetwin says:

    I love this honesty of this blog. It’s just the kind of thing I’d like to show to my students who are reluctant to give blogging a go.

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    • noblechloe says:

      Thank you, I was reluctant at first but I now see the benefits that blogging can have especially when it comes to writing essays etc. It’s definitely worth ago!! Glad my lecturers suggested it.

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