Disney’s Mulan is in actual fact based on the folklore of a legendary woman warrior, who just as the tale depicts, took her father’s place in battle. Although her name still remains a mystery, she fought for twelve years before retiring and earned high status within the army whilst managing to conceal her real identity from the rest of her comrades. When she retired, she sought no reward but to just be reunited with her family.

Since then she has been the muse for poetry, films, books, art and music.
Chu Renhuo’s version of Mulan depicts a dreary tale where she arrives home from the war but nothing is as it seems. Her father’s dead, her mother has remarried and the Khan is summoning her to be his concubine (concubine – a woman who lives with a man but has lower status than a wife or wives). In the end, Mulan decides to take her own life.

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