Learning Log – Week 20

Although I was not physically present in the lesson, due to being poorly and cooped up in bed, someone kindly offered me their notes to look over and make notes on what I had missed. The lesson this week was on the Research project, looking closely at the report that we will have to submit in May. They looked over the general structure of the report, so below I’ve posted how the report is supposed to be set out.

Research Report Structure – 1000 words

1) Findings (Within the data / research collated search themes) – 200 words

2) Discussions (Attempt to make sense of findings, highlight key information, you can refer back to original findings in your literature review) – 300 words

3) Conclusion (What links were made in the data and what does that mean in the world) – 300 words

4) Recommendations (Based on conclusions, what could be changed, what would you change if you were to do it again) – 150 words

5) Bibliography

6) References

Now, that was all I was given note wise however were bound to go over this again at some point so never fear!! On a happier note we receive our proposals back next week !! Whooooo!! Who’s excited? Worried? Slightly anxious? Don’t be!!!! As I mentioned in last weeks blog, were bound to make mistakes along the way and may get a few crappy marks here and there but were learning!!  We all have to begin somewhere and if your mark comes back next week and is not what you had of hoped for then firstly acknowledge that you’ve done your best and not be so hard on yourself. Take their feedback with a pinch of salt as you may not like what they have to say, not everyone does when receiving criticism and learn from it. Don’t wind yourself up over it!! Take on board what they have said and next time apply those changes and then you’re on the right track.

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