Projects & Crafts

Here you will find all the projects I have undergone whether it be a University project or something I just felt like doing from posters to presentations and even a colouring book!! Some  projects still on going so stay tuned!! Here you can find all of my creative projects in one place. Craftiness is happiness


You own everything that happens to you, if people wanted you to write warmly about them then they should have behaved better. ❤

F.A.I.L. Project

What we used: For our project we used, lots and lots of glue, coloured card in all shapes and sizes. Cello tape, scissors, blu tack, ruler, pens and pencils, flowers, stickers, alphabet stencils. What was the point of our theme and why we chose it? We chose to do an interactive white board theme as … Continue reading F.A.I.L. Project

Digital Me Poster

What I used: Stanley knife Black A1 Card X2 Grey A1 Card X2 Small pieces of coloured card in various sizes. Glue Scissors Colouring pencils & pens Split pins I used the large A1 card for the background. I then cut out the body of my robot from the grey card and his head and … Continue reading Digital Me Poster

Train Doodles

Welcome to my train doodles! Now, I don’t know how many of you travel around but for me in particular, I have to get the train. So today I decided to draw what I encountered on today’s journey. So below are some of my findings! There are very many types or train goers, you have … Continue reading Train Doodles

Crayon Re-vamp

This afternoon, I decided to give the crayons (I found lying around) a bit of a re-vamp because they looked battered and worn. I decided to chop them up and place them into silicone moulds to give them an entirely new shape. I am very pleased with how they came out! I have posted some … Continue reading Crayon Re-vamp