Digital Me Poster

What I used:
Stanley knife
Black A1 Card X2
Grey A1 Card X2
Small pieces of coloured card in various sizes.
Colouring pencils & pens
Split pins


I used the large A1 card for the background. I then cut out the body of my robot from the grey card and his head and arms also. With his head I decided to cut off the top (so it looked a little like a lid) I then hole punched both bits of card and placed a split pin in them to make it moveable. Underneath I placed some coloured card and cut out a fire and stuck it in the centre and wrote some information on their too, so when anyone moves the lid of his head, they will uncover some information.


With the arms I just folded them over in different directions and then stapled them down. For my digital me project I decided to Vlog so in the centre of my robot I decided to do a YouTube video which is concealed by doors. I treated my robot like a magnet in the sense that I stuck a to do list on the doors and a photograph outline with a question I posed in the middle of it.



The lettering I made with a printable stencil I found off of the Internet and I cut them out on to different pieces of coloured card and stuck them onto my poster. I cut out different coloured boxes that were bright so it would contrast my background to write my information on.


With the cogs, I cut out big circles and drew a smaller circle inside. I then made slices around the circle and stopped in the middle and then folded every over one other. The cogs were big enough for me to use my scissors to cut off the excess so I used a Stanley knife instead.



And that’s how I did it, I hope you found that interesting or slightly useful. Feel free to leave me comments and thank you for reading 😊

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