Learning Log – Week 12

What we did?
Today was our poster exhibition, me and my peers had to present our findings and what we had learnt from our digital me projects, in the form of a poster. There were TONS of posters in various shapes and sizes and they were all very different, it was lovely to see what people had been up to for their projects and what they have learnt from doing them. Everybody did very VERY well and I thought this was a lovely way to break up before Christmas. As soon as we were told our room number, we all began to make our way there and started putting up our posters were we could find the space.







Soon afterwards Tom & Sandra split the room in half and one side of the room were made to go and stand by their posters whilst the other half inspected them and then vice versa. Whilst standing by my poster I only received two questions which admittedly I was a little disappointed by, not with the questions them self as they were great but because I only received two as I was hoping people would question me and challenge me, otherwise I don’t feel like I’m learning, but never mind. My questions were,

– How long did it take you?
– What was the point of the cogs?

In answer to these questions, the poster took me four days to do, just because I had so many different ideas of how I wanted to present it, whether I wanted to go with a theme or not and I was so indecisive at first. I wasn’t able to just choose one thing and stick to it, then once I finally chose my theme (the robot – as I felt it would look futuristic) the way I wanted to present it kept changing until finally, something stuck. There was a lot of decision-making and rubbing out involved in this project. The cogs? I like cogs, if any of you have seen Dr Who? And the Clockwork dolls from Dr Who? Parts of them are cogs and I generally liked the look aesthetically… I also thought the cogs could be a representation of technology as its continually moving forward. Whilst walking around and looking at everyone’s posters, we were given post stick notes so we could make comments on them and then stick them collectively on to one wall, this was reinforced positively with the promise of sweets.


After we had finished looking at everyone’s posters, what remained of the lesson was spent looking at students digital me projects. I was not able to share mine because I had trouble 1) getting it to work 2) uploading it however if you are interested in what I’ve been up to, I will be making a blog post soon to introduce my digital me project and my new blog where you can find my videos.

To show off our posters and how creative we all are and to share what we have learnt from this project with our peers, this could inspire others to think about their project differently or someone could introduce you to a new perspective, maybe one that you may have not considered which creates room for deeper thinking. For example, for my digital me I didn’t use the sites that were suggested (just because at the time it didn’t appeal to me & I missed the first hour of that lecture so wasn’t introduced to them) however after watching other peers digital me projects I really liked Zeega and I think over the Christmas period that I may have a fiddle around with it because it looks fun, I liked what my peers did with there’s so I’ve set myself a challenge.

What I learned?
No two people read the same book – Edmund Wilson
. I found this quote it very relevant to this project. Some people used the same digital tool to produce their work but their posters were all entirely different, the information was different and their experience of using this tool was different. It was amazing to see such a variety of work and I was able to learn new things about some of my peers just through their posters as some of them were quite personal, there’s such diversity within our class and as a whole we are an amazing bunch of people and we produced some really cool posters.

How I will remember?
The atmosphere was really pleasant and everyone was so encouraging of each other and their work, so it was a nice environment to be in especially if your nervous to show your work to a large group, it was all laid back and very easy-going. Everyone did very VERY well. I loved all the post stick notes at the end, it was a brilliant idea and it was lovely to see so many lovely comments either about particular posters or directed at everyone. It was a good morale boost and I feel promoted people’s self-confidence as it’s always nice to get acknowledged when you’ve done a job well done!






What now!?
Well I have had problems uploading my video to my blog so I plan to fix that ASAP. I will create a separate post to introduce my digital me and my new blog so if you’re interested in what I’ve done (or would like to see me look silly) then you should follow that link. I also plan to continue with other mini projects that I have got on the go so if you interested in what I’m up to, stay tuned as more is yet to come! 😊

Thank you for reading! As always, feel free to leave me a comment, feedback, suggestion, something???? 😊👍

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