Jeremy Kyle makes good background noise!!

Hello and welcome to another one of my videos!! I’m starting to get the hang of this now and beginning to feel a little more comfortable when filming myself. In time I think, well I hope that ill gradually get a little more confident.  So todays advice is relevant to my Uni life. As I was out of education for a while, I took a gap year in order to pursue other interests but to also figure out what I wanted to do with myself in the future. Now, being back in education, I’m having to familiarise myself with writing essays, making sure I’ve done the secondary reading, looking into the research and everyone’s favourite, Harvard referencing!!

My advice is that its NEVER TOO EARLY to start an assignment which I painfully discovered recently. I didn’t leave the assignment to the last-minute (my interpretation of that is it being due the very next day) however I left it late enough (a week / week in a bit). I regret this because I feel if I had spent more time on it and put in more of an effort, I would have felt better and happier when I had submitted it however, what’s done is done and I guess ill just have to wait when I get my mark back.

I understand that the Uni workload can look daunting and when you feel like you’ve made progress, in reality you’ve barely made a dent in your workload. I can promise you one thing, the time and effort you put in to your Uni work will not go unnoticed and will make a tremendous difference in your performance. Not only will you feel better and be proud of the work you’ve submitted but it also will go to show just how engaged you have been in the lessons. Hopefully some of that would rub off onto other people too as it’s always nice to have friends who will quite happily kick you up the bum when you’re slacking but they also make good personal cheerleaders too!! It’s nice to know you’ve done a good job, a little recognition and well done can go along way. There’s no point in saying you don’t have enough time!! You do have enough time, you just need to organise yourself and most importantly, not leave it to the last-minute because you’ve spent the majority of the day catching up on the episodes of Jeremy Kyle that you’ve missed!! (I don’t care what anybody says, he’s good background noise!!)


Thanks for watching / reading.


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