Learning Log – Week 8

Learning Log Week 8


What we did?

So due to severe delays on the Piccadilly line I managed to miss the first hour of my lesson, luckily for me someone filled me in on what I had missed. So to those of you who were also experiencing tube problems or just “doing a Dan” here’s what you missed. The first hour was spent going through digital tools that we could use for our digital me project and from what I gathered, that was pretty much it!! The next part of the lesson had a very slow start due to technical difficulties, so in the meantime we looked at photos Tom had taken the previous weeks. Some of the photos were of our group collages and the rest were of our group presentations which were lovely to look back on. Who’s ever taken a really nice photo but has managed to catch someone in the background but in the most unflattering portrayal of themselves? That ended up being me. . . Tom, if you ever need anyone to edit and more importantly crop your photos, let me know! After a few laughs and me hiding hoping no one would notice my creepy face in the corner of some of the photos, we moved on to our next activity. So instead of me rambling on about what the activity was and why, I am going to set you (yes you) the activity instead.

For this activity, you will need two sheets of paper (lined or unlined, your preference, as long as you can write on it, I don’t care) you will also need a pen!! There is no right or wrong answer so just have a go! I would love to see what you come up with.

So without googling it! I would like you to try to answer this riddle on your first sheet of paper, you have ten minutes. If you stop writing, you need to write why you stopped writing on your second sheet of paper. 1, 2, 3, GO!

We are five little items of an everyday sort; you’ll find us all in “a tennis court”?

Done? Not quite? Too late now, I’m going to continue J to those who spent the ten minutes writing on their first sheet of paper, well done! I’m interested to see what you came up with so please do post them below! For those who didn’t quite reach the ten minutes and began to write on their second sheet of paper, no worries!! That was intended!! For those who googled it . . . shame on you!!



“What was the point in me doing that” you ask? “I’ve just killed a tree with that pointless activity!!” you say?? Well my friends, this was a creative writing task. See when being given this task I was like “WTH?” Tom presented the question on the board (which was a totally different question FYI) and I was the first to raise my hand and tell him that I didn’t get it, I didn’t get the question or the activity, I was mind boggled. His reply was for me to write down why I didn’t get it, which I was going to do but didn’t. Instead I wrote “I know what you are up to and I am not playing along! ” after seeing everyone get on with it and have ago, it sort of clicked for me so I sat there and waited until the activity was over for him to explain because at this point, I thought I knew what he was doing and then wasn’t too sure what he was doing or whether I had just lost the plot entirely or not.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer and if I got the concept of this activity right or wrong, I still wouldn’t know or be able to tell you, I’m now just too lost to go back over it however I will share with you what I took away from this activity.

What I learned?


I can write if I want too, however deciding something to write about is the hard part. Give me a question on a topic I have been studying for weeks and I will be able to try to answer that question as best I can however whether that piece of writing will be engaging or not to the reader is a different topic entirely, I could write a fantastic piece of work but it could be as boring as ever. With creative writing, I feel like it’s your mind alive in that text and with that comes the freedom to write about anything and everything that interests you however, comparing that to a piece of academic writing, you have to write in a certain way, answer the question in a certain way in order to make sure you get the marks. You’re not expressing your opinion; you are simply regurgitating something someone else has already said and using points to back it up. Now my question is,  how is that learning? What do we gain from regurgitating the same stuff that’s already out there? Nothing. Now this is how I feel, if anyone feels differently, I would be really interested in your views so don’t hesitate and post!! 🙂

How I will remember?

When it comes to writing, I will think about what I could do differently.

What now?

To cause anarchy! (Kidding)

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