As some of you may be aware or maybe have seen me in class doodling. . . what I have actually been doing is making notes, not your typical notes but visual notes. I explained in my week nineteen learning log what brought me to make visual notes however here is a reminder although you can find the original in week nineteen’s learning log.

” I was introduced to different ways of note taking which I found extremely helpful. I tried out each one in my own time until I found one which I thought suited me best. Sometimes I swap between methods depending on what we have been talking about and how much paper I have. More recently I have been trying out visual note taking, similar to narrated art. From my understanding, it’s where you draw what you see or what you are learning about. I tend to draw what pops into my head or how I would visualise a topic that we are discussing, this personally helps me to remember it better. I also end to note down my thoughts and feelings, my own ideas and opinions or any questions that have popped up that I may decide to research further into later. I add colour to help with the memory retention plus its genuinely fun to colour it in. I have had a lot of fun with visual note taking and at the moment, it is my preferred style of note taking, I found it’s another way to keep me  attentive and motivated during the lectures.”

Each week, with every module I’m taking I have been using my visual note making method and I feel each week I have got better at them, at drawing, my ideas seem to flow more fluently and I feel more confident with what I want to draw and how I picture my notes at the end of the lesson. People naturally assume that you need to be able to draw in order to make visual notes but you don’t!! I plan to make another post explaining how to make your very own visual notes if anyone is interested in having  a go at making their own so stay posted!!


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