As part of my university course we are required to write learning logs each week. These detailed and reflective logs cover my personal journey throughout the course, what I have learnt in and out of the classroom and what we have got up to during our lessons, not only will you find my learning logs but other entries on entirely different topics which I have made since growing more confident at blogging.

First Year Learning Logs

Here you will find all of my reflective accounts from the very beginning of my University course and each week a new blog is posted. Here you are able to see what we have been learning about each week and exactly what we got up to.

Visual Notes

From what was supposed to be just a project blossomed into something entirely different. It began from researching into different methods of note taking and benefits of drawing in learning. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to continue, these illustrations are in actual fact my university notes during lectures.

Blog Project

For my blog I decided that I wanted to start creating my very own images this spun from a project that I am in the middle of completing so I decided to share it with you guys. At the moment you’ll see my blog looks half finished. This is due to trying to illustrate the … Continue reading Blog Project