Train Doodles

Welcome to my train doodles! Now, I don’t know how many of you travel around but for me in particular, I have to get the train. So today I decided to draw what I encountered on today’s journey. So below are some of my findings! There are very many types or train goers, you have your typical,


Sneaky over the shoulder reader, whether your reading the Metro, a new book or responding back to emails, there they are, lurking behind you. Then you have your


Caffeinated zombies which have that crazy look in their eyes and they reek of coffee, especially if there taller than you and you’re stuck underneath them and they cough or breathe over you. Not very pleasant, especially on a crowded train. Next on my list is the “ILL MAKE MY OWN ROOM THANKS” chaps.


When the doors are just about to close and all hope is lost because they have missed that 7:30 train that they so desperately needed to catch, never fear, they will just push themselves on and trample on you at the same time. Now we’re onto the bag bullies!


Now these guys have their advantages as if you’re stuck on an overcrowded train, no matter where you turn there’s a person and there’s nothing to grab on to. Use them, especially if they have massive oversized rucksack, it’s like an over padded cushion, especially handy if you lose your footing and fall into their bag rather than into their newspaper, plus you don’t get the frowney faces that comes with it nor do you have to apologise awkwardly whilst checking you have everything. Finally we have our seat ninjas. They are silent but fast.


You’ve been eyeing up that person’s seat for a while now and you realise there soon going to get off, they slowly start gathering their things and nodding to other people to let them now it’s their stop next. So, instead of rushing over and jumping in their seat as soon as they stand, you kindly wait for them to shuffle past and exit the train and as soon as you turn around to reclaim the seat, it’s taken. Gone, you’ve missed your chance… so there you have it. You have met all of my train doodles and I hope you like them, I’m sure you’ve met a few of them along the way! Do let me know what you think and if I’ve missed any train characters, let me know. Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Train Doodles

  1. sandthetwin says:

    Love your train doodles. What about the person talking loudly on phone or to someone else as if you are invisible?


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