Learning Logs 1 to 10

Here you will find all my learning logs from week One up until week Ten. These are the first few entries I made from beginning my course as I had just been introduced to blogging. Over time I have gradually become more confident at blogging so you will start to see my style of writing change.

Learning Log – Week 2

  What we did? We received a two page visual summary of the module handbook which incorporated all of the essential things we needed to know about the course. We then went through the two page visual summary as a group and discussed it, asked questions about the modules and anything that we did not … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 2

Learning Log – Week 3

What we did? The Apocalypse is over and we have emerged from our bunkers and have to start over by re-building our world, we had to take the following points into consideration. 1) How will you run your world? 2) How will you educate people? 3) How do you ensure everybody is housed in good … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 3

Learning Log – Week 4

Week Four – Learning Log What we did? We spoke about self-efficacy and about a theorist called Albert Bandura. We then watched a short documentary about the “Invisible Town”. After this we got into our groups of five from the previous week and began our collage from our text mapping activity. We were provided with … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 4

Learning Log – Week 5

Week Five – Learning Log   What we did? This week we have been set a very fun and active assignment!! Our mission is to explore the university and look at places where we learn. Where does learning take place? What can hinder learning? What can promote learning?   For this assignment me and Giulia … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 5

Learning Log – Week 6

Week Six – Learning Log What we did? Today is the day we presented our poster collages from our text mapping activity. . .  For those of you wondering what I’m on about, don’t worry, ill refresh your memory (or look at my week four – learning log).  So in week four we had to get into … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 6

Learning Log – Week 7

Week Seven – Learning Log What we did? Today was presentation day! So all groups had to present their work to the rest of the class, here we were graded by other groups, we were marked on our Introduction being well-informed and engaged. With Agenda which gave structure of the presentation Good structure, does the … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 7

Learning Log – Week 8

Learning Log Week 8 What we did? So due to severe delays on the Piccadilly line I managed to miss the first hour of my lesson, luckily for me someone filled me in on what I had missed. So to those of you who were also experiencing tube problems or just “doing a Dan” here’s … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 8

Learning Log – Week 10

So this lesson started off with a “Sandra’s Drawing workshop part 2” and we were asked to draw stick figures however my version of a stick figure and what was up on the whiteboard were not the same thing! Sandra was trying to motivate people who do not like drawing to draw hence giving us … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 10