Learning Log – Week 6

Week Six – Learning Log

What we did?

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Today is the day we presented our poster collages from our text mapping activity. . .  For those of you wondering what I’m on about, don’t worry, ill refresh your memory (or look at my week four – learning log).  So in week four we had to get into groups of five, each group was given an article to read through. Our group decided to take a page each and highlight what we thought was important. We were then given a range of materials and had to present all of the information we had got from the article in a creative collage using pictures and words. Our article was by Paulo Freire and was on Education and the Mega Rich. Due to unforeseen circumstances, our group didn’t finish our poster collage. So one by one each group went up with their beautiful collages and we had nothing to present. Luckily it ran into the break, so in the twenty minutes, our group put our heads together and made a very quick but informative brainstorm/poster. Once stood up in front of the group we apologized for not being as organised as everyone else and presented what we had done within the twenty minutes.

(I separately made my own collage on the article we read – You can see it below)


(The layout is of a stage, and the faces underneath the stage are the support structure. The hands coming out of the top are the people in “control” and they are the puppeteer’s of the people on stage (Which are the wealthy people). Along the side I have the word money. I took from the article that we seem to regurgitate the same people in society (which is not necessarily a good thing) and there is no room for social mobility. Education was once a publicized good and has now become more of a privatized good as only the people with the financial means are able to go. The bottom of my collage has words which I stuck on to it, it says “We are fighting for, Justice, Freedom, Respect, Recognition, Equality”. I felt as if we are in competition with private schools.)

Following on from this talk, it  lead us into our seminar which was based on presentations. Our lecturer, Tom gave us examples of presentations which he had experienced and discussed them with us, why they were memorable what was good about them or not so good about them, what the presenter/tors did and how they decided to present their work. This really helped as we have our own presentation project coming up (Exploring formal and informal learning spaces around the university) so gave the groups an idea on what they could do. It also gave us tips on presenting and some general do’s and don’ts such as


  • Making sure you smile
  • Make your point 3 times
  • Speak loudly and clearly
  • Introduce yourself
  • Do not read from a script and if you have to make sure it’s not covering your lovely face! Otherwise no one will see you or hear you.

Giulia and I have decided to continue working in a group as we explored the university together and will now begin to create our poster presentation which we have decided to name F.A.I.L. Which for all those who are wondering, WHY FAIL?!? Giulia and I decided that “failure” to use stands for a First Attempt In Learning.



In preparation for next week’s lesson as we are going to have to present our work to the rest of the class. This lesson was extremely helpful as for some students this may have been a new thing entirely and they could have found this hard. It gave Giulia and I a sense of direction, we knew what to do and what not to do but also what our lecturers expected of us.

What I learned?


The dos and don’ts of presenting, we have a clear idea of what we want to do and how we plan to do it. Now we just have to make it and hope for the best!!

How I will remember?


The assignment is fun and creative and so is the project, so it will definitely be a memorable one!! Hopefully if all goes to plan, it will not only be memorable for us but to others as we hope they will like our work!!

What now?


For Giulia and I to get started on our poster presentation and then rehearse how we are going to present it to the rest of the class without falling flat on our faces!! Wish us luck!!

Stay posted!!

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