Learning Log – Week 25

Today was our first day back since the Easter holidays and everyone looked refreshed and rearing to go!! To start today off were taught not by Sandra and Tom but by the unstoppable’s!!  Today was performance day for one of the groups and they did a marvelous job!! There theme was Education and what it means to us. To begin, Imran begun by welcoming us and introducing us to what his group had been working on and what we were going to  be doing and soon they explained they planned to show us a video that the group had made. During this we were told to try to identify the tools the group had used to make the video so with that in mind I was on the look out!! Whilst the video was playing I had noticed the use of the groups creative side and how they had combined technology and arts and crafts to make their very creative video. They had compiled images that they had drawn and put together in order to tell us a story and used props and objects as well, it was brilliant. Once the video had finished we were then given our very own activity, we were asked to make a short story or video about what education means to us, playing on the theme they had already introduced us to which was technology.  After splitting off into smaller groups to work on our activity Pinar and other members of Imrans group came around to offer their help to the rest of  the class engaging within the activity. It was lovely to see how engaged the rest of the class were, some groups opted to do videos and some groups used both video and arts and crafts to complete the task. Our group decided we would make a comic strip and that our phone friend would be a genie that would magically appear from  his lamp after being set free. All of our pictures for the task were drawn and sadly we did not use the use of video for this task but if we were to do this task again, its defiantly something we would consider.

Our story goes a little something like this, our magical phone friend has been released from his eternal slumber by Aladdin. Our phone friend realizes that there is much more to life than the confines of his magical lamp and decides that he wants to be educated and get a job which is working in a factory to fill other lamps with magical smoke (which is probably just a uni job whilst our friend is in education) and at the end hes has finally got there!!  He has his university cap and diploma in hand as he has accomplished his goals and has graduated!! Our friend is grateful to Aladdin as now he can follow his dreams. After we had finished, each group went up to show off what they had come up with, it was a fun task to have been set and everybody come up with some really good and creative ideas!! The Unstoppables did a really good job today especially as they were the very first group to perform so well done!! As for the rest of the group, the performances are still on going and my group are to perform next week *excited dance*!! After a mini meeting with my group we have all agreed upon what we are going to do and are feeling pretty confident so if you want to see how we do look out for next weeks post!!

– Chloe ❤

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