Learning Log – Week 19

Today was submission day!! How did you guys feel? Nervous, excited, worried, not bothered??

I was the first three!! Before I finally went to bed the day before, I had set my alarm to wake up for 6am which was probably a little too ambitious on my part as I like my sleep!! It had got to 12pm and I was exhausted and my proposal was half finished, I say half but what I mean is that I still had to add some more to my literature review (which to be fair, I’m still unsure of). I said to myself I would get up early just so I could have a re-read of it, make any final changes that it may have needed and brush up on my referencing as I’m a little rusty!! Which is what I managed to do due to sheer will power and determination and I’ll have you know, it takes me a good while to get out of bed and if so I usually need to be bribed with food however it was done!! It was completed and you know what? I was happy with it. I made a real go of this task aside from being thrown in the deep end as I’ve never written a proposal before but I have to say the end result felt good, I was happy to have completed it and in my personal opinion, I thought it was ok! Now, I said to myself that if the mark comes back and is not what I expected then I wouldn’t beat myself up over it (metaphorically speaking). I say this as this is my first time writing a piece of work such as this, I’m bound to make mistakes and there is always room for improvement. So I’ve decided not to let the marks I get in any of the subjects determine the fate of my entire course. With that in mind, I still felt a little nervous after submitting it, as I’ve already mentioned, I haven’t written a piece of work like this before, I was worried in case my work didn’t sound academic enough or was deemed too informal. For my project I chose to explore note taking because it resonated with me, when I first started University I would take notes during the lectures, stuck between what was relevant or not, I would try to make note of everything and that’s where I would go wrong. My notes would end up looking a mess and I would have scribbles everywhere!

Until one lesson in a different module, I was introduced to different ways of note taking which I found extremely helpful. I tried out each one in my own time until I found one which I thought suited me best. Sometimes I swap between methods depending on what we have been talking about and how much paper I have. More recently I have been trying out visual note taking, similar to narrated art. From my understanding, it’s where you draw what you see or what you are learning about. I tend to draw what pops into my head or how I would visualise a topic that we are discussing, this personally helps me to remember it better. I also tend to note down my thoughts and feelings, my own ideas and opinions or any questions that have popped up that I may decide to research further into later. I add colour to help with the memory retention plus its genuinely fun to colour it in. I have had a lot of fun with visual note taking and at the moment, it is my preferred style of note taking, I found it’s another way to keep me  attentive and motivated during the lectures. I plan to post my notes on here so do look out for posts with pictures of my notes in, you’ll be able to see how much I’ve progressed!! Stay posted!

Thanks for reading!!

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