Learning Logs 21 to 30

Here you will find all my learning logs from week Twenty One to Week Thirty. These posts are still ongoing and are waiting to be written so stay posted!!

Learning Log – Week 21

Todays lesson began by getting into pairs, in these pairs we had to discuss our favourite project on this course so far. I paired up with Giulia and in agreement we decided that our best project so far had been our week seven F.A.I.L project. We chose this project because we enjoyed the creativity, we were … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 21

Learning Log – Week 22

When we arrived this morning we were met by Sandra who instead of preparing for our lecture, had asked us to go along to the conference room and help prepare for the Get Ahead workshop that was running today.  The whole of our class got involved in helping the second years to set up, we … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 22

Learning Log – Week 23

This week I have been putting my energy else where and with a lot of help from someone who actually knows how to run Adobe Illustrator!! Its finally coming along. So instead of my usually blog post I thought I would give you a sneak peek of my current project and its progress. For this … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 23

Learning Log – Week 24

Today I was late!! The shock!! Yes late, I’m never late but today I was so when I had arrived for my lesson i was immediately bombarded with Sandra telling me to pick a picture and join a group as they were just about to their activity. There were tons of pictures all sprawled out over … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 24

Learning Log – Week 25

Today was our first day back since the Easter holidays and everyone looked refreshed and rearing to go!! To start today off were taught not by Sandra and Tom but by the unstoppable’s!!  Today was performance day for one of the groups and they did a marvelous job!! There theme was Education and what it … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 25

Learning Log – Week 26

Today was our group performance so instead of heading to our usual room, our group headed straight to the second room to begin setting up for our performance and after a few trips around the University to gather recycled materials, to the shop for cello tape and balloons and most importantly, making sure we looked the part . … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 26

Learning Log – Week 27

Today was the last group performance from our end of year performances and it was  lovely way to finish off as it being one of our last lessons on this module. The performance was wonderfully and creatively put together and asides from the food table, I remember noticing hung up T-shirts around the room with … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 27