Learning Log – Week 10

So this lesson started off with a “Sandra’s Drawing workshop part 2” and we were asked to draw stick figures however my version of a stick figure and what was up on the whiteboard were not the same thing! Sandra was trying to motivate people who do not like drawing to draw hence giving us tips and things we could do to make drawing more enjoyable such as a drawing the essay we plan to write and lots of other examples which got me thinking! So I present to you my 30 day draw, make and capture challenge. I have also given this task to other class mates! So expect our blogs to be overflowing with creativity!!! *Mwahahahahah* so as of tomorrow I officially start this 30 day challenge, I’m going to start with drawing… so stay tuned and let me know what you think of my creations.

IMG_4974.JPG So this is the plan / introduction to my challenge!! Now you have to complete these challenges DAILY and upload them hence why it’s a thirty-day challenge and you also have to draw them, you can colour them in or paint them… what ever takes your fancy but this is a drawing challenge. Please do get involved and post pictures, I’d love to see what you create!! Please see below for the challenges and get creating and remember to upload your pictures. 😊 The challenges are as follows,

1) Self portrait

2) Unusual plants

3) Lets go on an adventure

4) Something new

5) How you feel

6) Your view of the world today

7) Thumb people

8) Something that inspires you

9) A new word that you have learnt

10) What you ate today

11) A flip book

12) Draw a song you like

13) Draw your favourite Animal

14) Something you miss

15) A comic strip

16) Your favourite movie

17) Emotions

18) Your favourite fairytale or book

19) What you did the day before

20) Divergent thinking

21) Something you don’t like

22) Random doodles

23) If you could be anything

24) A turning point in your life

25) Something strange

26) Draw anything at all

27) A place you want to go to

28) Be your own hero

29) Family portrait

30) Things that are Orange

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