Personal Representation Project

Week One – Personal Representation Project


What I used?

Coloured card ranging in sizes from A3 to A5

Scissors, Glue and Cello tape

Mini clothes pegs & flowers (really cute!)


Colouring pens

What I did?

I decided to make a pop up scene using A3 card. The backdrop was the buildings behind my house. The row in front represented the road I live on and the houses / flats down that road (that don’t necessarily look like the houses I made, the houses I made were prettier). The row in front of that represents a few things I like, books I have really enjoyed, TV programmes I am in to, a polaroid picture, as I like to take pictures of anything and everything plus my first camera was a polaroid. The very bottom was a representation of what you would find on my desk, a book, my desk writing pad to scribble notes down on, pens (I have loads of pens!) my watch and other random items which sadly would not all fit. The book on my “desk” in my project contains a little information about me, from my work experience, to my dreams for the future and general likes and dislikes.

I hope you like it 🙂

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