Learning Log – Week 23

This week I have been putting my energy else where and with a lot of help from someone who actually knows how to run Adobe Illustrator!! Its finally coming along. So instead of my usually blog post I thought I would give you a sneak peek of my current project and its progress. For this project I decided to make an activity book for my participants especially  for my research project. This booklet is so they can craft their beautifully illustrated notes in one place without the hassle. There has been a lot of drawing within this project as I have had to draw every page of this book and then with a lot of help, re-draw over them (with a lot of help) using a programme called Adobe Illustrator.  There are a lot of pages and we are still in the process of uploading them and colouring them and then creating the typography to go with it (yes a long process I know!!) but in the end the result will be well worth the time and effort me and my lovely cousin have put into this project.














That’s as far as we have got at the moment but there is certainly more to come!! Stay posted!!

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