Learning Logs 11 to 20

Here you will find all of my learning logs from week Eleven to week Twenty. Now that I have worked out how to manoeuvre around WordPress blogging now feels a little less daunting and I am actually starting to enjoy it.

Learning Log – Week 11

What we did? So today we began the lesson discussing our research project which altogether is worth a big chunk of our grade, we only touched on the subject briefly and will most likely cover it again but for anyone that missed the lesson or didn’t take notes, here is what you’ve missed. The proposal … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 11

Learning Log – Week 12

What we did? Today was our poster exhibition, me and my peers had to present our findings and what we had learnt from our digital me projects, in the form of a poster. There were TONS of posters in various shapes and sizes and they were all very different, it was lovely to see what … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 12

Learning Log – Week 13

So it was the first day back and really nice to see lots of fresh faces!! I was not feeling on top form as I was poorly over the Christmas period however I dragged myself to Uni (although I would have preferred to be in bed – raking in all the sympathy I could get!!) … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 13

Learning Log – Week 14

So this week we were looking a little more in-depth into our research project. The lesson started off with Tom and Sandra giving us each a piece of paper to read, It was a previous students work and it was about their research method. They had written about what they had chosen, which was a … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 14

Learning Log – Week 15

Week 15 already!! Gosh these weeks are going by so fast, so today we looked into Ethical dilemmas. So what is Ethics? Ethics is like our moral compass, we use it everyday of our lives, it affects how we make our decisions and effectively lead our lives. In simpler terms, we break it down into … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 15

Learning Log – Week 16

With the research project looming over the next couple of weeks our main focus today was to go over anything that we were unsure of. I was struggling with this project so I found this lesson extremely helpful as it clarified things for me. I personally was confused over the structure of the proposal, what … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 16

Learning Log – Week 17

So were now in week Seventeen and coming closer to the end of the year which is scary to even contemplate!! I remember when we all just began!! From my recent learning logs, you will gather we have been focusing a lot on our research project. This morning we went through our research project some … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 17

Learning Log – Week 18

So this weeks lesson wasn’t an actual lesson nor was it a workshop, nor did it bare a slight resemblance to a workshop!! (Well not one that I have ever been too) So I was a tad disappointed when I turned up today to say the least. Tom explained how today was going to work, … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 18

Learning Log – Week 19

Today was submission day!! How did you guys feel? Nervous, excited, worried, not bothered?? I was the first three!! Before I finally went to bed the day before, I had set my alarm to wake up for 6am which was probably a little too ambitious on my part as I like my sleep!! It had … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 19

Learning Log – Week 20

Although I was not physically present in the lesson, due to being poorly and cooped up in bed, someone kindly offered me their notes to look over and make notes on what I had missed. The lesson this week was on the Research project, looking closely at the report that we will have to submit … Continue reading Learning Log – Week 20