Who says you need to be able to draw to make visual notes??

So who said you need to be able to draw in order to make visual notes?

NO ONE!! That’s right, no one. You don’t need to be able to draw in order to make visual notes and I don’t want to hear the excuse “but I can’t draw” because you can!! If you can write your name, draw a line, a circle, a smiley face or even a stick man, YOU CAN DRAW!!

So without further ado here are the five basic shapes you need

– Square

– Triangle

– Circle

– Line

– Dot

Along with a piece of paper and a pencil and a rubber Incase you make a mistake. Now, with these shapes listed above, you can do anything and I mean anything!! Just have a look. . .

Then all you need to do is add facial expressions using the same shapes… now why don’t you give it a go? Once you’re happy with that, we will move onto to…


Now you can use these to separate ideas, break up paragraphs so that they are not all clumped together!

Feel free to play around with these, you can make up your own!! You don’t need to copy the ones I have suggested, get creative!! Again these are only used to separate ideas. Now we’re going to move onto icons!! When you doodle, what is it you always find yourself drawing? Triangles, flowers, hearts, circles?? Those can be considered as icons and they are some examples of what you can use to help identify your ideas when making your visual notes.

Moving on from icons, we’re now going to look at connectors. Connectors are really handy, their helpful to make your ideas flow and help find when sentences should start and begin as sometimes your notes can get a little cramped, which isn’t the end of the world if that happens. My personal favourite and one I tend to use very often, the paper aero plane. Here are some others for you to have a play around with,

Now when you’re making your notes, remember to have fun with them! It’s supposed to be enjoyable, if you’re not enjoying it then what is the point?  To make your notes stand out, it’s always nice to add colour (this helps memory retention also) plus it’s always good fun to colour in. So get creative and have fun with it!!

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