Research Project – Acitivty Book

Throughout these up and coming weeks, my activity book for my research project is finally coming together and without giving it all away, I decided to post some pictures from the planning stages and some from the completed stages. Its been a very long and tedious project and I can happily say I am very excited and pleased with the outcome!!

For this project I was required to draw out all of the pages that I wanted so that we could re-draw around them on a programme called Adobe Illustrator. Here are some of the images I chose to use although there were slight changes here and there.







 We then moved onto illustrating the picture using Adobe illustrator and colouring the image in!! This was not easy!!







Next came adding the writing, here are a few images…


Next came adding the diagrams, here are a few images…


Now we have to establish a lay out so that it will print out in the correct order…


And then we need to print it out… 😊 I will post the completed version on here once it is finished entirely.

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