Week Five – Learning Log

Week Five – Learning Log


What we did?

This week we have been set a very fun and active assignment!! Our mission is to explore the university and look at places where we learn.

Where does learning take place?

What can hinder learning?

What can promote learning?  

For this assignment me and Giulia decided to work as a team, we met up outside the University at 11am and first decided to feed our faces! But also make a plan of what we were going to do. We started by making a list of things we thought would be taken into consideration when designing a classroom to facilitate learning or building to facilitate learning, we ended up making a pretty big list of things we felt were important which were,


  • Colours (As colours can have an effect on people’s moods)
  • Lighting (As a room too bright could hurt your eyes and a room that is darkly lit can make things hard to read but also make you tired (*Yawwwwn*) 
  • Space (Pretty self-explanatory)
  • Layout (Which contributes to formal and informal learning spaces)
  • Comfort (Pretty self-explanatory)
  • Capacity (How big or small or small the room is depends on how many people you can fit into the classroom)
  • Smell (Certain smells can offend and put you off from staying in one place or do the opposite. For example in the restaurant you wouldn’t want to be seated right next to the toilets because it would be off-putting!!
  • Travel (How students navigate around the building, does it take into consideration those who may be wheelchair bound or blind?)
  • Temperature (A classroom being too hot or too cold)
  • Preferred learning style (People learn in many different ways, are all ways taken into consideration? 
  • Technology (In every class room there is an interactive whiteboard, their access to computers in the LRC)
  • Noise (It can get very noisy, in the corridors when you’re traveling from one classroom to another or in the LRC, canteen, the rocket)
  • Atmosphere ( The general atmosphere of the classroom, your peers, your lecturers)
  • Experience (What is it the teacher wants us to take away from this lesson? Do we get that experience?)

After making our list we discussed what each word meant to us and made points by them (as you can see ^^). After we had finished doing that we decided to take a walk around the university we explored the following places.

  • Red Zone
  • Yellow Zone
  • Green Zone
  • Blue Zone
  • The Rocket
  • The Canteen
  • The LRC
  • The Courtyard


The point of this task was to look at places where we learn, taking into consideration both Formal and Informal learning spaces and how they both can promote and hinder learning.

Some of our findings . . . . But not all as we don’t want to ruin the surprise!!!

  • We found that in the majority of the classrooms there were interactive whiteboards however they had no pens or erasers. We felt that this didn’t promote literacy and language development or our fine and gross motor skills.
  • We looked into colors and how they can have an effect on a person’s mood, so after exploring each zone, we made notes on what the colors meant to us and how they made us feel. For example, Green made us feel hopeful, when we saw green we thought of plants and nature and connected it to growth. I decided to think of it as if we are flowers and with a bit of TLC and help and guidance from our tutors and from others we will grow and flourish, like flowers.
  • Our “Informal” learning spaces were the LRC, the canteen, the courtyard and the rocket. We also decided that a Seminar could also be classed as a type of Informal Learning.
  • Our “Traditional” learning spaces would be attending a lecture as the “power and control” is in the hands of the lecturer as we are all seated in rows and facing the front etc.

What I learned?

That learning does not only take place in the classroom. We had many social interactions that day that we had learnt from such as

  • Getting lost and asking for help, due to this me and Giulia can now navigate ourselves around the yellow zone without getting lost!!
  • Falling over (because I’m clumsy!!) But due to this, on our journey back I was more cautious walking over the same bit of floor.

How I will remember?

The amount of walking we had to do followed by the amount of pictures we took!!! This was a very fun and hands on project and I think I speak for both myself and Giulia when I say we really enjoyed this task!! Bring on some more PLEASE!!!!!

What now?

To plan to make a poster presentation of our findings and figure out how were going to present it all in the 10 minutes that we have. (I apologize in advance if it happens to run over that!!)

What you can, (YES YOU READING THIS!!) do to help us?

If we could please ask for five minutes of your time to help fill out a survey that we have conducted for this project. The question is “Where do you prefer to learn?” If you follow the link I have posted below, it will take you directly to the webpage where we have posted the survey and then from there it’s easy-peasy, you click one and then you’re done!


 IMG_4381 Processed with Moldiv Processed with Moldiv

Thank you!!

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