We’re now on day six of my 30 day drawing challenge!! Today I had to draw “my view of the world” so for today’s post, I’ve drawn a Lego figure. For those who have read my previous blog post, you will understand why, for those that haven’t I will fill you in. So today I set myself my own little challenge from inspiration from a UK photographer called Andrew Whyte, he took a photo a day on his iPhone of his Lego traveller in various places, it was really cool and also not as easy as it looks. So I decided to try it out myself. So my view today was through my Lego figurine 😊


My Lego Adventure

I saw something cool on Pinterest and decided to set myself the same challenge, a gentleman named Andrew Whyte went travelling around with a Lego figure and posted a picture every day and took all of his photos from his iPhone. I loved his idea so much that I decided to set myself it as a challenge so today I decided to take a stroll around Holland park and take pictures whilst I was there, of course with my little friend. I must have looked a little strange as I did get a few odd looks . . . however I really enjoyed myself and tired myself out from all the walking I did. My pictures didn’t come out as great as Andrew’s but I’m happy with the results! I have posted some of the pictures from today on this post, so take a look and let me know what you think.


I don’t think I’m going to make it. . . it’s so far away!!

I hope this Bird doesn’t think I’m its lunch otherwise were going to have problems!!IMG_5213IMG_5217

Hoping I don’t fall in, hold me tight!!IMG_5214IMG_5210IMG_5195IMG_5194

Thank you for reading my blog post, I hoped you liked it.