Learning log – not entirely sure of the week, it all blurs into one…

Today I was late!! The shock!! Yes late, I’m never late but today I was so when I had arrived for my lesson i was immediately bombarded with Sandra telling me to pick a picture and join a group as they were just about to their activity. There were tons of pictures all sprawled out over the floor so after having a quick glance I picked the one I thought jumped out to me the most… (which compared to everyone else’s seemed really boring!) I then proceeded to join a group which untimely ended up being Perry’s and Dom’s, they both had chosen pictures to. The task was called “visual attitudes” and with our pictures we were asked to answer the questions provided using them (which wasn’t easy). The questions were how does the picture relate to feedback and assignments given at university? How does the picture relate to when you find yourselves stuck on assignments or projects? As I was late, Dom and Perry were already finished but kindly explained what it was we were doing and what I had to do on top of explaining their answers in accordance to their pictures which was interesting. 

Perry’s picture was of a lumber jack balancing on top of a log surrounded by lots of other logs which were in water. Perry felt this picture showed the balance in between work like, social life and uni life and trying to maintain the correct balance between them all.   

When you look at Perry’s picture, what do you see? What does this symbolise to you? 

Doms picture was of a motor way with loads of roads and alternative routes. When I first looked at it, to me it looked chaotic but Dom chose this picture because he felt as if feedback can be taken in more ways then one and sometimes essays can go on one hundred different directions  and none of them right or wrong and this picture symbolised that for him.  
The picture I grabbed was of cogs, I chose this because it stood out for me for many reasons. I decided not to answer the question in any particular order, I just wrote down what came to mind.

When you look at my picture what do you see? Have you interpreted anything differently?  
So in not exact order here is what my picture meant to me,  
– No grease: without the grease the cogs won’t be able to run smoothly nor operate. The grease being a key component in the operation, in the students case the grease being the lecturer. As if we don’t understand the task we are being given then we won’t be able to complete it successfully.  

– Missing cog: would be like a missing piece of the puzzle. If your not there for your lectures or seminars then you will miss out on important information that you may need for your next assignment which could in turn be your downfall and effect your grade. 

– In terms of feedback being reflected within my picture, I imagined the cogs running both ways. So we could be going two steps forward to go ten steps back with the feedback we receive. It’s a process of trial and error with assignments and we only learn through our feedback where we have done wrong. 

– Bolt: the steadiness and sturdiness of our place within the course and the grades we get but also how focused you are as an individual in regards to assignments. Could also refer this to the “sticking point” as sometimes it’s hard to get out of that frame of mind when you’re seriously stuck.  

– Cogs with jagged edges: I felt these cogs represent the rise and fall of assignments and the yo-yoing I felt myself and others have done within the first year in reference to marks just because at first you don’t know where you fall in reference to marks and in the process of trial and error and contious feedback, you establish what Mark or what grade you are working at or working towards.

– Nuts and bolts: finding our place academically and being comfortable where we are as nuts and bolts fitted together are sturdy. 
– Cog Patterns: our individuality, our stamp, our marks within higher education. 
We then moved on from this activity by some of our peers sharing what they had taken from
their photos and why they chose those photos. After we had finished sharing we moved on to our next task which was analysing a collage that some of the lecturers had made.  






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