Giulias “Myself Challenge” Day One

Now, I wanted to start this challenge days ago but I was a little thrown.. Just because I didn’t know what to post and for someone who posts a lot, this challenge has really thrown me. I don’t know about many of you but I find it hard to talk about myself, I don’t  like it much plus I don’t think I have anything interesting to contribute!! However I’m in love with this challenge and has wanted to give it ago as it’s defiantly something different. So here is my attempt at day one of The Myself Challenge. So after debating what to post, I decided on something which is pretty obvious (I’d hope so anyway). As you all may be aware, I try to make my blog as creative as I can, just because it’s something I’ve always enjoyed. I loved drawing and writing as a kid. I’d make up stories and write poems (not that any of them are particular good) however that’s far from the point. The point I’m trying to make is that is what I enjoy, I like being able to express my creative side, whether it’s making loads of challenges just so I have a reason to make stuff and not look sad or posting pictures I’ve taken onto Instagram and creating far to many blogs that I’m even able to keep track of. So for this post in particular I decided to share with you all some pictures that I had drawn years ago and recently dug up. These drawings are very very old and to be honest I don’t remember drawing half of them but regardless, I hope you like them.







And gradually as I got older they did kind of get better… (I think)








And that is all the drawings that I have to show you I’m afraid, I hope you guys liked it. I’ll see you tomorrow hopefully with my next challenge. Thanks for reading. 😊

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