Never throw your notes away!!

Keep your Uni notes away from your mum!! 🙂

As a continuation of my digital me project, I’ve decided to continue video blogging. I have created an entirely new blog for my videos, you can find them at grumpysimonsays. Here is my latest video!! I hope you like it, let me know what you think!!


I’m aware that sometimes I speak very fast, so I’ve written out below what I’ve spoken about in the video. The written version is  better but I pull funny faces in the video, so feel free to look at either . . 🙂

Hello! and welcome to another attempt at a video. For anyone who just clicked on this out of curiosity. . . poor you. I’m only joking but in case you are confused to what it is I’m supposed to be doing, ill give you a quick recap. So these videos are for a Uni project called “Digital Me” where we were asked to do digital based story telling. I decided for my project that I would use videos in order to do so.

The aim of my videos are to give advice to my future self. I was going to try doing this the other way around, so advice from my future self. I’m…

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