Here was TODAYS challenge which was to draw a “turning point in my life” so here is what I drew. I hope you like it.


The Vampire is an emotional vampire and they drain all of the good from you and bring you down, these represented the people who have been in my life and are no longer it. These people have taught me valuable lessons and have made me wiser.


And I drew another picture for a turning point in my life, here it is…


I consider Uni to be a turning point in life as I’ve always been creative but have never really expressed that side until I began my course at Uni, now I can be as creative as I like! When I left college I wasn’t to sure what I wanted to become so I did some volunteering and worked in various places until I finally decided what I wanted to become and I feel that Uni has given me a sense of direction.

That’s all I have for you! Thanks for reading.

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