Here is TODAYS drawing challenge from my 30 day drawing challenge. Today’s challenge was to draw what I had done the day before… which to be honest was very VERY boring as I was at work!! So here it is…


I’m always tapping the snooze button!!


Messy hair!! My hair is an absolute mess in the mornings… no one wakes up perfect!!


Me getting ready for work…


Me finally ready for work!


Finally at work, it’s so dark in the mornings!! Plus when I got to work I was the only one there!!


Setting up in the morning and turning the lights of the club on.


Answering the phones at work and making bookings. It was a very very quiet day as everyone has gone away for Christmas.


The Mcdonalds dash! We were all starving!


Feeling very greedy after our pig out at Mcdonalds!!


Back to work… it was extremely quiet.




Making my way home.


Once I finally got home I decided to make a start on my drawing challenge as I knew I was behind!!


After finishing my drawing challenges I finally uploaded them along with my week 12 – how I made my digital me poster.



Then it was dinner time!!


Then I decided to call it a night and go to bed… and that was my day in a nutshell. Sorry it wasn’t more interesting!! What did you guys get up to? Any interesting story’s? Did you guys do anything fun?? Let me know! Thanks for reading!





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