Here is TODAYS drawing challenge from my 30 day drawing challenge. The challenge was to draw a comic strip which I really enjoyed doing as I’m personally a fan of comics in general (reading them) I love the graphics also, however when attempting this challenge I thought I would have a bit more of a look into it and this is what I learnt.

DID YOU KNOW, that the different speech bubble shapes represent different things? For example


This speech bubble means that the language is being translated, that’s why there are symbols at the beginning and end of the text.


This speech bubble is called wavy bubbles or weak bubbles and they are used when a character is in physical distress.


These are one of the speech bubbles used when characters are whispering however they are not the only ones.



These speech bubbles are used when monsters are speaking and often pair with a rough-looking font for a creepy or distorted voice. So moving on from different types of speech bubbles and what they mean. . .

DID YOU KNOW that wolverine has taken on Spock from Star Trek in a battle and Spock won.


DID YOU KNOW that Batman has admitted to peeing himself in a comic. (Haha)


DID YOU KNOW that wolverines skeleton makes him too heavy to swim!


DID YOU KNOW that superman is vegetarian.


DID YOU KNOW that Marvel released a comic called Spider Ham which was a crime fighting, spider pig called Peter Porker. The comic was released in 1983.


DID YOU KNOW that Michael Jackson wanted to play spider-man in a movie so he tried to buy marvel comics in the 90’s.


And last but not least,

DID YOU KNOW that marvel managed to get around a law that increased taxes on toys that resemble humans by claiming that X-men figures were mutants and not humans. (That’s pretty cool!)

I hope you found what I learnt interesting and hopefully you wouldn’t have known any of that and I would have taught YOU something new. Without further ado, here is my comic strip that I made. I hope you like it.







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