How Techonology Stole Christmas


As head elf, my mission has been to encourage the kids at work to write letters to father Christmas and I’ve really been trying!! I even went to the trouble of making a post box!! And you know what? No one seems to be interested. Now, I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea but where has all the excitement about Christmas gone??? Feeling confused but not disheartened, I proceeded in my quest, until one little girl kindly informed me that she would not need a letter as she could just email him. EMAIL HIM??? Did I hear that correctly?? And more importantly, how have you got his email address and I don’t? Now, I don’t know when the North Pole got so technological but back in my day we wrote our letters to father Christmas! There was none of this emailing or E-card business. . . So my question is, what on earth is going on?? And what happened to the good old days of writing letters?? I understand how technological the generations have become but I personally feel this is spoiling the excitement and anticipation you would feel as a child when writing Santa a letter and waiting for a reply, not only that but the development of language and literacy development, hand and eye coordination and the use of their fine and gross literacy skills and handwriting! I personally feel it’s a shame however I will continue in my quest to get the children writing! I haven’t been defeated yet.

One thought on “How Techonology Stole Christmas

  1. danceswithcloud says:

    Ah – you are wrestling with the problems of a new age!
    Can you take anything from the different things that we are doing each week into this class?
    May be set your class a form of the 30 day drawing challenge – where each drawing will also be written about – and together the drawing and the writing are going to be collected into a Big Book for each child?
    You could start by getting them to produce one illustrated Christmas story book – where the theme is: The internet has crashed – Father Christmas has received no emails from anybody. How can we save Christmas?
    Just a thought…
    good luck,


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