A blog on why I don’t like blogging but now have strangely grown accustom to it. .

With a little encouragement from a friend, I decided to finally post this. Now I have never been confident at writing and I won’t claim after however many blog posts that I am a fully fledged blogger because I am not and to be honest I don’t feel like one. It may sound strange but I cringe at having to send emails to colleagues at work or make posters or any type of informative document for others to read. I feel like my emails/posters are going to light up like a Christmas tree with all the spelling and grammar mistakes and even the thought of that now is making me cringe. I know that must sound silly but that is something I generally feel self-conscious over.

Now since beginning my course, I naturally assumed coursework would be handed in, I never anticipated having to blog or anything else along those lines. When they first suggested blogging my response was “is it compulsory?” and in my head I was hoping “please say no, please say no, please say no” however it was, now this by far was out of my comfort zone, purely because I had never done it before and I guess my default reaction was “I’m not going to be able to do this”, “it’s going to sounds so crap” however I just got on with it. See I was never the best at English or Science and extremely rubbish at maths but I was pretty decent at Art and I felt that made up for my inadequacies in the other subjects so you can kind of see why I would be hesitant?

My first blog wasn’t great but it was a step in the right direction and most of all I proved myself wrong!! I can do it (look I am doing it now) and I feel that blog after blog they have kind of got better and I am slowly building up my confidence. I now actually look forward to writing blog posts as I’ve realised that this can be just as creative!!

Thank you for reading!!

2 thoughts on “A blog on why I don’t like blogging but now have strangely grown accustom to it. .

  1. danceswithcloud says:

    You have spotted our cunning plan – the plan produced by the Professor of Cunning at the Crafty Fox University! Mostly nobody likes writing – and nearly everybody hates academic writing. It feels like judgement and it feels like failure. Even people who can write hate the sort of writing that just feels like regurgitating other people’s ideas: what’s the point of that?!
    And so – we ask you to blog! To write about all this ever week (every day if you also blog about your other modules) – and before you know it – you write – you write with passion and energy. You discover your voice – your writing self – and your academic writing is richer and deeper and more joyous because of it!
    And I can see that it is so!


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