Week One: Learning Log 1

Week One – Learning Log One


What did you do?

We were split into small groups and were asked to think of twenty questions that we wanted to know about our course, “Becoming an Educationist”. We then read our questions a loud, group by group to which our instructor noted them down. We then  met our lecturer Tom who was the object of our lesson and he answered our questions one by one.


It made our first lesson less intimidating and more interactive. It was a great way for students who had not yet met everyone to break the ice. We also got a feel for the lecturer. At one point the questions were turned on us and we threw our ideas out there. There were no right or wrong answers. The lecturers were there to help us expand on our answers, empower us, advise us but to also help fill in the gaps as it’s all very new.

What did you learn?

Today I learned not to be afraid to ask questions as everyone is pretty much thinking the same thing but just haven’t yet had the courage to ask yet. To make the most out of my Uni experience and enjoy myself as learning is supposed to be FUN! To also make sure that I am getting the help and support I need as this is my education, my future and I am paying for it.

How will you remember?

Our lecturers words, all of it was extremely helpful however there were a few words that stuck a nerve with me, for example, “if you want to be successful, you will be successful” which I found reassuring and motivating to hear. “Engaged” which I took as get involved, speak up and do more.

What will you do next?

Throughout the lecture I made a note of the words Tom used which I did not understand. I plan to research the words I do not know and begin to familiarize myself with them and get used to the language. I plan to look up the books that were mentioned and the authors.

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